D.J. Humphries

D.J. Humphries


latest philanthropy

Pee Wee's House

A charitable foundation named in honor of his grandmother, Elizabeth Means, who was nicknamed PeeWee. Its first act will be a fresh food initiative that gives away more than 2,000 boxes full of fruits, vegetables and other fresh ingredients to people in Union. Humphries said that between a lack of knowledge, a lack of resources, and overall inconvenience, many people in Union forgo more nutritional options, which can eventually lead to health problems

Fuel Up To Play 60

For over a decade, Fuel Up to Play 60 has succeeded in helping create a foundation for educators and students to fuel greatness in the areas that matter most like being mindful and staying healthy. The program has also inspired millions of participants to team up with community leaders, parents, other educators, and students to build strong school communities that not only care for each other but for the planet around them.