Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh


Business Ventures

• XSET (Investor)

• Ballers (TV Show, Actor)

• Atmos (Home Building Platform)

• Human Ventures (Early Stage Venture Fund)

• Genies (Avatar Technology)

• Looped (Virtual Meet and Greet)

• Kindred (Hospitality Company)

• HMS (Real Estate)

• GRG (General Restaurant Group)

• Hungry (Food Tech Catering Company)

• Judy (Natural Disaster Prep and Recovery Kit)

• Marcy Venture Partners

• Silofit (Private On Demand Gyms)

• Metaplex (NFT Company)

• Momentous

• Muzik

• House of Spears (Investment, Founder)

• Andreesen Horowitz (Investment Management)