Steven Adams

Steven Adams


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Sports Pathways

To develop well rounded successful young adults by promoting the philosophy of the student athlete and Promote education and health as vital to success through sport.

Steven Adams Basketball camp

Steven Adams holds his free basketball camps in his native New Zealand. The big Kiwi recognizes how important his role is his own country as he’s the main NBA star the children of New Zealand have as their connection to loving basketball and the NBA.

Steven Adams gives in pre-Christmas charity shop-up for kids

Steven Adams has played giant Santa by delivering a warming Christmas gift to kids in need. Adams and his teammates have given back to the community ahead of Christmas. The entire Thunder team took children in need on a shopping spree to United States department store Target, and footed the bill. Teaming up for the 11th annual Target Shopping Spree, Adams and company were taking part in the 'Grandparents Raising Grandchildren' programme.