Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry


Business Ventures

• Unanimous Media (Multimedia Company, Founder)

• Oxigen (Oxygenated Bottled Water, Investor)

• SC30 (Investment, Media, Philanthropy and Brand Partnership Interests)

• SnapTravel (Travel Messaging)

• Palm (Small Phone)

• Team Solomid (eSports Team)

• Hooked (A.I. Predictive Media Company, Investor)

• Curry Brand (Under Armour)

• Tonal (Workout Machine, Investor)

• Pintrest (Investor)

• Literati (Book Club, Investor)

• Holey Moley (TV Show, Host and Executive Producer)

• Step (Banking for Teens)

• eFuse (Investor)

• FTX (NFT's)

• Syndio (Pay Equity Platform)

• "The Queen of Basketball" (Documentary, Producer)

• Ballers (TV, Actor)

• Slyce (Athlete Social Media, Co-Founder)

• Brandless (Grocer, Investor)

• CoachUp (Coach Finder, Investor)

• Gentleman's Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Partner)

• Golf+ (VR Golf, Investor)

• Pinterest (Image Sharing, Investor)

• TGL (Golf League, Owner)

• Super (Saving App, Investor)

• TMRW Sports (Sports, Media, and Entertainment)

• Tokenproof (NFT Proof of Ownership Technology, Investor)

• Nirvana Super