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Eric Gordon


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Hurricane Dorian Relief

Eric's mom and her side of the family are descendants of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, which was decimated by Hurricane Dorian. Thankfully, everyone in their family is safe, but the Bahamians need our help more than ever. As this is an issue close to my heart, I will be donating $50,000 to SBP + Abaco Outreach. They have workers on the ground providing direct relief in the form of generators, medical supplies, food and much more to the people of the Abaco Islands and Freeport. If anyone else would like to support the relief efforts in the Bahamas, please join me in donating to this cause and helping me reach my goal. Please leave a comment on my Instagram post and let me know you’ve donated as well so everyone can see all the good being done. Each dollar counts and all help is beyond appreciated.


We can't prevent natural disasters. But we can prevent some of the suffering they cause. By increasing resilience before disasters occur and streamlining the post-disaster recovery process, we're able to fortify people against unnecessary stress and trauma.

Ronald McDonald Hous

Ronald McDonald House Charities: a nonprofit family & children's charity dedicated to supporting families with sick children in their time of need.

The Goldie Legacy INC™️

We are committed to mobilizing individuals to serve their communities by creating programs to empower the youth and to help those experiencing homelessness and natural disasters.