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Feels Like Home Portugal

We are a group of more than 50 volunteers who are organized on the multiple fronts that this initiative requires, in order to build a quick and articulated response to this challenge, which is the temporary and free relocation of professionals who are fighting the advance of the pandemic in Portugal. While many can comply with prophylactic isolation and protect ourselves from COVID-19, professionals who are working to keep us safe and healthy cannot leave their posts. They are continually putting their lives at risk to protect ours. We chose to help where we can: staying at home and establishing a network of solidarity.


UEFA’s Cleaner Air, Better Game campaign aims to raise awareness about the threat of air pollution to the future of football. UEFA is encouraging fans around the world to take a step to protect the planet and the game we love. Are you in?

Equal Game

We can only fight discrimination if we stand together as a team. Join us and Sign for an Equal Game!