Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams


latest philanthropy

Project 34

Project 34 was inspired by Cory’s journey and the experience of approximately 285,000 people across the United States who have spinal cord injuries. Sitting around the dinner table with my wife and close friends, what began as just an idea in our heads started to take shape as a real way to change the lives of people like my friend.

Teammates for Kids

Teammates for Kids began in 1999 with the love and support of 67 Major League Baseball players who made a pledge to help kids. Since then, over 4,700 professional athletes from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, rodeo and racing have joined our team. "Once a Teammate ... Always a Teammate"

Big League Impact

Big League Impact partners with professional athletes through unique, sports-related fundraising platforms to help people meet basic human needs like food, clean water, medical care, shelter, and education in an effort to save lives, restore dignity, and instill hope.