Myles Turner

Myles Turner


latest philanthropy

W.A.R.M. (We All Really Matter)

W.A.R.M. (We All Really Matter) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2010 by survivor Stephanie McGraw. W.A.R.M. is dedicated to providing a personal approach to healing by walking with survivors side by side in their journey. We work to empower women by sharing our own experiences and struggles that move survivors towards their personal journeys of rebuilding, restoration and reconnecting within. We help navigate the frontlines and serve those under resourced, left with little to no aid. We are fierce advocators for a world free of systemic violence. In our work, we foster a sense of community and belonging. Going beyond formalities, we support survivors and our community effectively by cutting through the bureaucracy that too often delays, derails and blocks real help and the care they urgently need.

Dropping Dimes Foundation

Founded by Scott Tarter and Dr. John Abrams, the Dropping Dimes Foundation, Inc. is an Indiana not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our main focus and concern is for the well-being and betterment of former players of the American Basketball Association and their families, who are experiencing financial or medical difficulties and have encountered significant financial hardship or sickness.

Hoops 4 Humanity - Brogdon Family Foundation

Hoops4Humanity projects start by providing access to clean water, and then support additional initiatives to optimize and equip the schools. For some schools the focus is on literacy, mentoring, and school infrastructure. Other schools may need the basic dignity and health needs that comes from being able to wash your hands, use the lavatory, or menstrual hygiene.