Weekend Roundup: Cavs Advance And Anthony Edwards Is The Real Deal

By Michael Goldman | Posted 1 month ago

The first round of the NBA playoffs is now over with the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Orlando Magic. The Cavs play the Celtics in the second round and it's widely believed they don't stand a chance. The Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Denver Nuggets and Anthony Edwards is balling out of his mind. Ant man scored 43 points and grabbed 7 rebounds. I'm not sure it's much of a debate anymore...he's the face of the league. Tonight's game 2 and I'll be watching because Anthony Edwards is must see TV. The Knicks open the second round tonight against the Pacers and hopefully we see some of that rivalry we saw in the 90's.

The 150th Kentucky Derby ran yesterday and it was an incredible 2 minutes of sports. In a 3 horse photo finish Mystik Dan won and upset the big favorite, Fierceness. Mystik won 3.1 million dollars and we might not see a triple crown winner this year as Mystik might be skipping the Preakness.

The Dallas Mavericks gave Jason Kidd an extension so the Jason Kidd to the Lakers chatter can quiet down.

If you have a few hours to spare please turn your TV on and go watch the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. OMG...They roasted the heck out of Tom Brady. He had former teammates Drew Bledsoe, Gronk and Julian Edelman roast him but the biggest surprises were Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft taking the stage together for some awkward moments. Kim Kardashian provided a special toast and she got booed which was sad and hilarious at the same time. The MVP goes to comedian Nikki Glaser who did not hold anything back. I can't include some of her jokes here on OSDB but you really need to go watch her portion of the roast. You have to give it to Tom Brady for letting this happen. It was great to see Tom Brady step outside his "too cool for school" persona and let his hair down. 

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