UCONN Goes Back to Back

By Michael Goldman | Posted 2 months ago

Then 2023/24 men's basketball season is now over! UCONN wins the national championship and the game wasn't close. UCONN beat Purdue 75-60 and Tristen Newton lead the way for the Huskies with 20 points and 7 assists and the only bright spot for the Purdue squad was Zach Edey and his 37 points and 10 rebounds. The Huskies are the first team to go back to back since the Florida Gators did it back in 2007. With the Purdue loss this makes 24 years and counting since a the Big 10 team won a title. 

There was some other big news in men's college basketball today with the shocking news that John Calipari left Kentucky and heads to Arkansas to take over a struggling Razorbacks squad. Calipari gives up the glitz and glamour of his Kentucky program to basically start from scratch. Calipari coached some of the biggest NBA stars including Devin Booker, Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony Towns to name a few. I wonder if Drake is going to follow coach to Arkansas.

I'd be remiss if I didn't take a look back at a story I wrote on March 21st before the tournament started...I boasted about winning my bracket challenge almost every year without watching much college basketball at all. This was my opening paragraph...March Madness is here and I watched very little college basketball this year. To be honest, I'm not a big College basketball watcher but I seem to win my bracket every year. How do I do it? I do NOT pick my teams based on my favorite colors. I do NOT pick my teams by identifying star players. I truly believe I use common sense but I'm not entirely sure that's the case.

I went on to give my picks for this year and offered up some free advice. I'm VERY happy to report, I wont both bracket challenges I entered. I correctly had UCONN beating Purdue in the championship. Now I have a decision to make...Then winner of our official OSDB bracket challenge wins $100 and 2 ODSB T-shirts. Do I collect? I'm going to sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. 

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