Too Early NFL Power Rankings 6-10

By Michael Goldman | Posted 1 month ago

The NFL draft concluded 2 weeks ago and we're looking at the way too early power rankings after the draft. Last week we looked at the top 5 teams and this week we're rounding out thee top 10 with teams 6-10.

6. Houston Texans

The Texans arguably had the most surprising 2023/24 season and clearly winning last years draft with both the offensive and defensive rookie of the year. This year with some wheeling and dealing the Texans crushed it again. The 2025 second-rounder the Texans got from the Vikings by moving out of the first round in March allowed them to trade for Stefon Diggs. Day 2 of the draft was all about maintenance going after DB Kwame Lassiter, OT Blake Fisher and Safety Callen Bullock.They didn't make a huge splash in the draft but they filled the few holes they had from last season.

7. Green Bay Packers

The Packers had a great season and proved that young talent can compete. The Pack bolstered their O line by taking Jordan Morgan. With David Bakhtiari moving on it's important to replace him with someone the Packers can trust. Protecting Jordan Love could be the key to the Packers success this year. Filling that left tackle spot could be the difference in missing the playoffs or making a run.

8. Buffalo Bills

Losing Stefon Diggs might be addition by subtraction. Diggs and Josh Allen could never really get on the same page. The Bills hope by taking WR Keon Coleman he can fill the hole left by Diggs. The Bills had to move back in the draft to help alleviate salary cap issues and it's safe to say they didn't get a ton better but with Josh Allen in his prime, it's hard to count them out.

9. Dallas Cowboys

It's hard to describe the Cowboys draft as it's hard to get into the mind of Jerry Jones. I was left scratching my head when they didn't draft a RB but it makes sense now that they brought back Ezekiel Elliott. They did bolster the O line taking Tyler Guyton and C Cooper Beebe who could be the steal of the draft. If the Cowboys can protect Dak they could be a Super Bowl contender. They certainly have the weapons.

10. Cincinnati Bengals

The biggest question surrounding the Bengals is the health of Joe Burrow. They not only strengthened the  O Line taking Amarius Mims but they also Joey B with some key offensive positions. They took WR Jermaine Burton(he went to my High School) and TE  Erick All. The Bengals are stacked on the offensive side of the ball but it's all going to come down to Joe Burrow's health.

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