No Perfect Brackets Remaining

By Michael Goldman | Posted 23 days ago

There are NO prefect brackets remaining. This year's men's tourney has been absolutely insane with some insane upsets. My Grand Canyon University upset hit and that's been the highlight of my tourney thus far. Yale beating Charles Barkley's Auburn and Oakland beating Kentucky have been the biggest upsets this year. As I'm writing this at 8:28 PDT in Los Angeles I just watched Anderson Garcia hit a buzzer beater sending Texas A&M to overtime against number 1 seed Houston. 

Even though we saw a ton of upsets in the first round, things have gone back to normal. The lowest seed remaining is number 11 NC State. Now that Houston beat A&M I can say all four Number 1 seeds remain in the tourney. 

Looking ahead to some key matchups in the Sweet 16 we can look no further than Houston vs Duke and North Carolina vs Alabama. The ACC continues to be the leader of the pack.

As for my bracket...Let's just say this hasn't been my year. I'm currently in 9th place in our OSDB bracket challenge and ranked 6.2 Million in ESPN's tournament challenge. Hopefully I will make up some ground in the sweet 16. I'm still standing by my UCONN pick!

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