Dear Nike, Please Help

By Michael Goldman | Posted 1 month ago

Dear Nike,

My name is Michael Goldman and I'm a long-time sneaker collector. I say collector because I have a real passion for shoes and the sneaker culture. 

The first pair of Jordans my parents got me were the Jordan 5's back in 1990. Putting those shoes on for the first time is an experience very hard to put into words, but I'll 1990 I was under 5 feet tall but when I put the shoes on, I felt like I was 6'6" and could play for the Los Angeles Lakers. I felt invincible. The shoes made me feel like I could dominate the blacktop at recess. It was the greatest feeling.

From the time I put those Jordan's on, it was the day I became a lifelong Nike consumer. I make jokes with friends saying, "I have a Nike deal. I send them money and they send me product." I have well over 200 pairs of Nikes. Air Max 1's are my jam but I love my Jordan's and Kobe's.

The reason for this letter is because I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the brand and sneaker culture as a whole. Up until 2013(ish) I was able to buy the latest releases in the stores. I remember waiting in line at Foot Locker for the Jordan 11 bred's in 2001 and getting them. Now, the stores don't even get the releases and you have to enter a draw. Let's be honest, consumers don't even know how the draw works and my guess is, we're competing with bots. I don't think I've ever won a draw and it's getting very frustrating.

Today I took another loss on the Kobe 8's. I'm a true collector. I actually wear the shoes. I'm not a reseller and I throw away the boxes. 30 minutes after I was notified I didn't win the draw I can still purchase the shoes on StockX for $400 which is double retail. RIDICULOUS.

Nike, I'm asking you to do better. There has to be a better way. I know I'm not the only true sneaker lover that's frustrated.  I haven't hit a big release for years and I'm starting to lose faith. 


Michael Goldman

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