Chiefs Win...Get Ready For Opening Day

By Michael Goldman | Posted 22 days ago

Hi! It's me again. The last time you heard from me it was opening day. I was wide eyed and bushy tailed. I detailed my excitement for opening day and all that went into my Sunday parties, food intake and overindulgence in adult beverages. I'm sad to report that I put on about 10lbs from all the Sunday "feedings."

The 2023 season has come to an end. We had our final party and I ate my last chicken wing and drank my last beer for at least a few weeks.  We watched the Chiefs win an Overtime thriller. Usher was incredible, The commercials were fantastic and the NFL put on a hell of a broadcast. 

I woke up this morning very full, a tad hungover but there was something else...Sadness. The realization hit me that after yesterday, we won't have football for 6 months. What am I supposed to do on Sundays now? Do I leave the house? Go to the gym? Play Golf? Reacclimate myself with the real world? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

There's one thing that will most certainly cheer me up and that's starting to plan ahead for opening day 2024. I have all the supplies one would need to throw a hell of a party and the least I can do, is share them with all of you. LET ME BE CLEAR...This is not an advertisement. I don't have any endorsement deals with any of these brands. I'm just a guy sharing with my friends some of the gadgets that made my house the place to watch football on Sunday's. Also, the items below aren't just for Football Sunday's. They can be used for any party, NBA finals, MLB opening day etc. etc. 

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar with Push-Button Simplicity and an Easy to Clean Design (Click Here)

Elite Finds Football Stadium Serving Tray and Bowl, Reusable Game Tray for Football Gameday, Birthday Parties, Tailgate Party Decorations, Chip N Dip Hard Plastic Set. (Click Here)

GoPong 8 foot Portable Beer Poing / Tailgate Tables ( Black, Football, American Flag, or Custom Dry Erase ( Click Here )

Maylai Light Up Ice Cubes for Drinks!

Add LED ice cubes to your beverages such as whiskey, red wine, cocktails and more to add a pop of color to your event. And will be a big hit at your party and any themed event! Create a wonderful and mysterious atmosphere! ( Click Here )

GoSports Inflataman Football Challenge - Inflatable Reciever Touchdown Toss Game

Click Here 

REVO Party Barge Cooler | Deep Black | Insulated Beverage Tub

Click Here

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