Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman


latest philanthropy

Blanket Coverage

Sherman launched his own foundation, Blanket Coverage, in 2013. The foundation provides school supplies and clothing to students in low-income communities so they can more adequately achieve their goals. Sherman has hosted a variety of events with his foundation, including clothing drives, softball tournaments and trips to local schools. Sherman was influenced as a student at Dominguez HS after Magic Johnson gave an inspirational speech at his school, stressing the values of education.

Microsoft Charitable Partnership

Sherman is one of five NFL players that holds a charitable partnership with Microsoft. In October of 2017, Sherman’s organization was granted $25,000 from the company, which he intends to use by building a Microsoft Surface computer lap at Compton HS. Sherman, a Compton native, wants to utilize his partnership to prove to students in low-income areas that everyone has great potential, and with the power of proper technology and school supplies, students of all backgrounds have the ability to be successful in school and accomplish their goals.