Tyus Jones

Tyus Jones


latest philanthropy

Write Your Own Story Technology Lab

Tyus is sharing this mantra with others by refurbishing and donating new technology labs for kids. He calls it - the Write Your Own Story Technology Lab. Following his second installment, the immediate impact at Excell Academy (Brooklyn Park, MN) and Westview Elementary (Apple Valley, MN) proves that these upgraded labs are a perfect opportunity to empower students to learn their passions, discover what interests them, and give them a role model to look up to.

Team 1Tyus

The Team 1Tyus program is an extension of the Tyus Jones brand. The goal is to provide a competitive and supportive environment for each athlete. As a member of the Team 1Tyus family, each athlete will have an opportunity to improve as a basketball player and grow as a person.

American Cancer Society of Memphis

The American Cancer Society has programs and services to help you manage cancer treatment and recovery and find the emotional support you need. And best of all, our help is free. Find programs and services in Tennessee.