Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala


Business Ventures

• Catalyst Fund (Investment Fund, Venture Partner)

• Jumia (Online Marketplace, Investor & Board Member)

• "The Sixth Man" (Book, Author)

• F9 Strategies

• Zoom (Video Conferencing, Investor)

• Datadog (Monitoring Service, Investor)

• Allbirds (Shoe Company, Investor)

• PagerDuty (Cloud Computing Company, Investor)

• Zuora (Cloud-Based Software, Board Advisor)

• Casper (Mattress Company, Investor)

• Taft (Shoe Company, Investor)

• Cheddar (Media Company, Partnership)

• Dapper Labs (Blockchain Digital Collectibles, Investor)

• Step (Teen Mobile Banking, Investor)

• GameOn Technology (Intelligent Chat Application, Investor)

• Mercury Technology (Investor)

• Harper Wilde (Online Lingerie Marketplace, Investor)

• Hooked (Short Form Media, Investor)

• Thrive Global (Well-Being Platform, Investor)

• SuperPhone (Mobile Messaging Platform, Investor)

• The Players Technology Summit (Founder)

• The Players' Tribune (Sports Media, Investor)

• Mayvenn (Beauty Products, Investor)

• Whatnot (Live Marketplace, Investor)

• Jeeves (Financial Solutions, Investor)

• Poised (AI Communications, Investor)

• Shef (Homemade Food Marketplace, Investor)

• Betty Labs (Sports Trivia, Investor)