Rowan Wick

Rowan Wick


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Advocate Children's Hospital

When a child is hospitalized, this can be a challenging time for any family. Our experienced chaplains serve as members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team and offer spiritual care to all persons of any faith tradition and to those without religious affiliation who are in need of emotional support. Chaplains are here to be of support to children, parents, siblings and extended family members as they receive care in the hospital. Chaplains help to remember, and honor who a family was prior to coming to the hospital, who they are during their time in the hospital and who they will be after leaving the hospital.

Hiaghlands Baseball

Highlands LL has been growing year upon year and now has one of the largest memberships on Vancouver’s North Shore. The success shows as game days are community events in themselves, with kids of all ages, friends and siblings, parents and grandparents all taking in the excitement and spirit that the game of baseball brings.